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i'll take the chivas_instead
15 July 2008 @ 10:21 am
crap!! i think big brother started on sunday =( i already missed the first episode!! i'm so outta the loop this year =( i hate how i never see previews for it or anything.  it ALWAYS sneaks up on me. ugh i dont even know if i wanna get hooked on another show this summer. i loveeeeeeeee big brother, but man, i'm not in the mood to watch MORE summer tv. =\

we're goin to the (hed) p.e. show tonight! they're cool. jarred bought one of their live CDs over the weekend and i think theyre realllly good live. :) i'm excited!

i cannot BELIEVE i used to listen to shitty shitttyyyy bands like slipknot, korn, linkin park, and and and...  gross. those bands compared to hed pe and glassjaw are nothing. the only good thing i used to listen to is taproot. i'm sure there's others but i can't think right now.  just know that there aint many! lol.

so tonite's my first hed pe show, and jarred's been to a few (theyre his fav band, along w/ glassjaw). then tomorrow we're getting bridget (jarred's mom's dog) for the week-weekend and she's taking us out to dinner. thursday is family night @ los loros... kt and josh wanted us to go see batman w/ them for the thurs night viewing @ midnite, but we look SO fwd to our los loros night that we can't pass it up (i know) and plus we dont wanna see the movie drunk. sooo we're prob seein it friday b/c it's gonna be awesome and we wanna see it soooo bad lol and hopefully we'll go out afterwards-- we wanna take our friend to the clermont lounge (he just turned 21) to see some REAL strippers (jk lol-- it's where strippers "go to die" haha it's hilarious and kinda gross... b/c it's old nasty women stripping. but still... it's a must-see). then on saturday we're celebrating kt's bday @ her house! and somewhere over the wknd jarred and i need to get an oil change on our car andddd clean our cars inside and out-- especially mine.

o yea, and a tree fell down in our yard last wed. and it's still there so we gotta do something with that. ha.

aaaaaaaaaaaand the jarred x and jeremy extravagoddamnganza 2k8 is august 22. mark your calendars. :) we plan to have a keg, 10 gallons of CN, and we just bought a drink fountain hahaha w/ lights in it. i wanna mariachi band to come SO BAD so i'm gonna try hard to get that.  it's gonna be *the* party! ;) o and we wanted to get a moonwalk or some sorta thing for the party, but i think it's really expensive... still gotta look into that! haha.
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14 July 2008 @ 11:53 am
just hafta brag, hehe...

jarred [kinda] got a promotion @ his work-- he'll soon have his own office!!! =)

idk if he gets a pay increase or anything (he hasn't called or texted me back yet), but still, it's so neat he has his own lil office =) yay!!!

he's basically doin the same job, but he won't hafta do a few things that took up a lotta his time (folding letters and stuff like that) and he got some other responsibilities on top of the other stuff he normally does.  but i'm SO SO SO SO proud of him =) and soooooooo happy! haha i almost cried when he told me, hehe. =) and it's not just b/c of the chance there's a pay increase... tho that would be awesome for him, it's still awesome anyway b/c it just shows that they're happy with his work and want him to stay and blah blah blah. so yay =) i'm really excited for him! i cant wait to go see his lil office and buy some lil goodies for it!! haha.

man, now if i could only get a promotion or at least a new job, hah... :o)

weekend was great, btw! but i'm exhausted.  we drank thursday-sunday. ahh. went to dave & busters yesterday for a friend's bday party and jarred and i spent about $80 on alcohol. lol. we had free food (they had a section roped off for our party with pool tables and food) and got a $10 game card-- we only won 342 points btwn the both of us, so we got a hannah montana diary LOL. yay! after that we went to visit my friend keri who just moved to north buckhead. we stopped to get some mexican and margaritas so we could get even more drunk (hey it was sunday sooo we couldnt just go to the store) and went to her place! we didn't get home til after midnite, which is kinda late for a sunday night, lol, but we had fun at her place... we played some game called quelf? idk, but anyway, it's cool that she lives closer now! she might come with us to los loros this thursday! =)

well, i'm off to get lunch and deposit my paycheck!
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08 July 2008 @ 11:18 am
I am extremely irritated @ my job right now. 

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i love my friends. we have so much fun.  and 5 of us livin in a house makes us feel like a big ol' family =) i'm really happy with my housing situation, friends, and of course i'm really happy with my super-fun, awesome, hottttt, talented, cool, funny, goofy boyfriend!!!

we all get along so well @ the house.  ppl are always like, "man, 5 ppl? do yall ever get sick of each other?? that sounds terrible!" and it's SO weird b/c it's not like that at all. first of all, it's a split level soo we're not right up under each other.  there are days where i never even go upstairs LOL and that's where the kitchen is and everything.  plus, we're hardly home at the same time... kinda sucks.  but when we are we love it and hang out together :) hehe.

anyway, so our thursday night tradition is to go to los loros and drink as one big happy family. we all look forward to it ALL week.  last week ashley said she was excited all week for it and that made me happy to hear that.  i once read somewhere that you should have a weekly tradition to do with your friends, in the middle of the week or something, b/c it helps to break up the week a little and make it not so boring and drab. i believe that SO much.  what's weird/funny tho is on fridays we're all kinda like "eh" and dont really do anything haha b/c we got so drunk the night before.  but fridays are slowly turnin into our family night at taco mac... so we'll see, haha.  anyway last thursday was soo much fun.  we were there for a while (like always) and the waiter came to us and asked if we could move tables so a bigger party could sit in our spots... and they said, "we'll give you each a free margarita if you move!!" LOL we woulda moved anyway, but ok! so even tho 6 of us shared 3 large pitchers, and were wasted, we took em and ran.  we had a hard time finishing them tho. haha. it was still a lotta fun and i cant waaaait for los loros night tomorrow =)

this friday we're goin to the braves game for the 4th of july!!!! =) they're supposed to have fireworks and all of that so we're excited!!  one of our friends will already be there but theyre like two sections over from us... i cant remember how big sections are so hopefully it's not too big of a gap =(  and only 4 of us are gonna be goin in our lil group. we're gonna try and smuggle in some liquor so we dont hafta buy expensive drinks there, haha.

anyway, so, back to our fun drunken times... another lil tradition we have is singing "flagpole sitta" by harvey danger. hahaha i LOVE that song. we all do. it's awesome... especially when drunk.  basically any old 90s song is fun to sing, but this is our favorite i think.  and whenever we do karaoke, we hafta do love shack =) last thursday was so much fun b/c we spent a lotta time @ the house listening to all the good 90s songs, hehe. we had fun dancin to "semi charmed life" and tryin to remember all the words to "the freshmen." haha.

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23 June 2008 @ 10:50 am
Rest in peace, George Carlin ;(

I'm glad I got to see his show at the Fox a few years ago.  But I was hoping that one day Jarred and I could go together to see him.  A few months ago we caught him on HBO and were cracking up the whole... he was so funny.

We'll miss you, George Carlin!

Jarred broke the news to me this morning when I had to meet him at his work.  I was on my way to work when Jarred called sayin he locked his keys in his truck while it was still running (lol).  Luckily I was about 5 minutes away from him, but it still set me back about 10 minutes.  We both left the house at the same time and for once I would have made it to work at a somewhat decent time, haha.  I still got to work at the usual time I get there (late), o well.  I'll try again tomorrow!  Anyway, so I get to his work and let him in his truck and he told me about George Carlin dying of heart failure.  =(  Sigh...

Well, besides all that, we had a really good weekend! we had a good time on Thursday with our usual margaritas and mexican food, Friday we just kinda hung out with the roomies and stuff, Saturday we PACKED our day with stuff to do... we went to the airport to meet Jarred's dad and stepmom.  They were picking up Sophie to "babysit" her for the week while her parents go to Hawaii.  I loveee Sophie! She's so cute and smart--she's 7 going on 30, haha.  So we hung out there and ate way too expensive food @ the airport and then took Marta back home (took Marta to the airport).  Then we dropped by this clothing store called Dresscodes in downtown Decatur.  We pass the place more than 5 times a day and EVERY time we break our necks to see if the lil doggies are at the store.  They're SOOO cute.  They have 2 lil boston terriers there that just stand or lay in the windows... the door is wide open and the lil doggies never leave!!  So we finally went by there just to play with the pups, haha, but we did walk around the store a lil bit so it wasn't too obvious... the clothes were nice but seriously, $50 for a t-shirt? nooooo thanks.  The girl there was soo nice tho, and commented on Jarred's Glassjaw shirt, haha.  It's weird b/c not many ppl know that band (I mean, they're a huge band and stuff, but average joe probably hasn't heard of them) but that was the 2nd comment he had gotten that day about his shirt.  Neatooo.

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19 June 2008 @ 03:19 pm

i love jarred because...
...he'll sing in the car with me.
...he'll dance really silly and goofy with me.
...when we're singing and dancing drunkenly to our favorite songs, he'll twirl me around on the "dance floor" no matter where we are.
...he's crazy and will do pretty much anything.
...he loves to read and is really smart!
...he's an amazing musician.
...he's a hard worker and always tries to do his best!
...he'll play with my hair when we're just watchin tv or layin in bed together.
...he's always touching me, holding me, grabbing for my hand, he'll rub my hands and arms and stuff and scratch my back...
...he'll send me cute text messages throughout the day.
...he always tells me that he loves me and to "be careful" and that he doesn't know what he'd do without me.
...he calls me baby and other cute lil names.
...he has great taste in music and movies.
...he has his own lil style and dresses cute.
...he's a cutiepie and is really strong!
...he's the most adventurous person i know.
...he'll randomly surprise me with things, or buy me crazyexpensive gifts when he KNOWS it's too much $$$ and that he doesn't have to buy me that stuff (the Russian language program, for example)--I never asked for it or even talked about, but he knew that i wanted to learn the language so he got it for me!!
...he kisses me all the time, and not just the lips, but my head, hand, whatever!
...he's always tryin to slap, squeeze or touch my butt (haha) and still says, "mmmm" when he does ;) i find that so sexy!
...he makes me laugh.
...he'll offer to drive when he knows i'm too tired or don't want to.
...he'll move my car or do little things for me without even asking.
...he has the cutest lil kitty cat (loner) EVER! haha.
...we can talk about anything and everything together.
...he can write... REALLY well. and i'm not just saying that.
...if i'm scared, he'll make me feel a lot better and will hold me tight.
...if we both wake up in the middle of the night at the same time and move around a little, he'll grab me and pull me closer and hold me really tight till we fall asleep.
...when he didn't have a 9-5 job, he'd drive all the way to my work to eat lunch with me whenever he had the day off work.
...he used to drive so much to be with me when he worked all the way in peachtree city and lived in east atlanta.
...he loves mexican food and margaritas just as much as me.
...he wants to marry me, and tells me :)
...he isn't a typical guy.
...he doesn't spend all his free-time playing video or computer games.
...when we do actually play video games, we play stuff we can both have fun with like wii sports and mario kart! and other fun wii games :)
...he doesn't follow sports, haha. i know that sounds weird, but i'm so happy he doesn't care about any sports teams!  that doesn't mean he hates going to games, those are still fun! (actually none of the guys i live with [3] watch sports, phew! the only roommate that does is ashley and she's a girl! hahaha)
...he'll talk about "kid's names" with me and what we're gonna name our daughter(s) or son(s)!
...he smiles in pictures with me, and actually enjoys taking pictures with me. (he never smiled in pictures with his ex-gf!)
...he likes to hear me sing and wants me to be on his album :) and he always says i'm a really good singer! =)
...he knows how to harmonize with me when we sing together... and he always loved it when i'd do that to songs in the car or whatever. hehe.
...he's really, really, really SEXY ;)
...he has sexy tattoos and scars and dangerous stuff like that LOL jk ;) but still...! hehe.
...he's CLEAN. he showers everyday (sometimes twice lol), takes care of himself, brushes his teeth more than twice a day, and yeah... he just takes really good care of himself... a LOT better than a LOT of guys i know. and everyone thought it was opposite for him, which is weird. he's prob the cleanest PERSON i know, hahaha.
...he's very agile! i know that's weird, but i love that he can just DO a lot of stuff... i don't know how to explain it.  like he can...climb up stuff haha like the sides of buildings and he'll just shimmy right on up a fence or tree or something... and he'll climb on top of roofs randomly and jump rooftops, haha!
...he's a handyman! he can do electrical work a lil bit! hehe.  he's really handy and crafty with lotsa household stuff.  it's pretttty cool! :) he can always figure stuff out like that.
...he still opens my side of the door first when he's driving. :)
...he's not a picky eater! phew.
...he'll do ANYTHING... even go to gay bars and sing karaoke with me!!!
...he's not a "beer only" sorta dude. in fact, he doesnt care for beer just as much as me (except for red stripe!) and we both know how to hold down our liquor ;)
...he introduced me to a lotta cool new music, movies and tv shows... and i love them all!
...he's the best thing that has ever happened to me and i love him with allllllllllllllllllllllll my heart!
...i could keep going on forever and ever, but i think it's time to stop ;P

and now i miss him! =( hurry up, 5:00!
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12 June 2008 @ 11:37 am
Bahaha, I just met a "celebrity" finally here @ work.  She has a MAJOR "cult following" with her paint and everything.  Her name is Donna Dewberry and she's a painter.  Every once in a while if you're flipping through the channels late at night you might see her selling her paints and products on HSN.  she's actually really good.  but a lotta ppl in the non-crafting world have never heard of her.

Anyway, about once a month she comes to my work and takes promo pics, makes instructional videos, paints a buncha new projects, does interviews, goes to meetings, etc.  I NEVER see her though.  It's SO weird.  I'll walk by a conference room and hear her voice (recognize it from all the videos I have to watch here, haha) and I'll be like, "Oh! I didn't know she was here today, hmmm!" and I'll walk by again and only see like the back of her head.  EVERY TIME!  It's always either the side of her face or the back of her head, hahaha.

So finnnnally today, I'm comin into work, walkin up the stairs and she's at the top and is like, "[insert name], is that you??" and she sees me and is like, "oh, whoops, nevermind!" then she yells at the receptionist on the first floor but calls her the wrong name lol, so she turns to me and is like, "what's her name??" and I tell her and then she yells back at the lady downstairs.  thennnnnn i put my stuff down @ my desk and go to the restroom b/c i had to put in eyedrops and seriously, every time I do it at my desk someone walks by and asks me a question so then i have drops runnin down my face or something, ha.  so i went in there and there's donna! brushin her hair, lol.  she turned to this other woman in there and is like, "i forgot my hair straightener!" lol. so i decided to go in the stall and pee and do my drops in there, but i didn't have to go... and i didn't wanna look like a freak and not pee and just stand there and do drops LOL b/c i didn't wanna do them in front of her b/c i'm a weirdo... so i made myself pee and then she pees in the stall next to me lmao, so i was like, whoaa i'm peeing with donna dewberry, hahahahahahaha. but yeah, i didnt do my drops b/c then i didnt wanna look weird for sitting in there so long. so i left. lol. and did the drops @ my desk and thankfully no one came by to mess me up! lmao. i'm really strange.

welllllllllll anyway. i just wrote an email to someone and said the word "glad."  that is a weird word! glad. never really thought about it before i guess.

we got lotsssssa stuff to do btwn now and tomorrow night for our partyy. still gotta go to target to get pixi sti !!

mmmmmm man i want some gummi bears BAD right now. mmm. and chickfila. i think that's what i'm gonna have for lunch. nuggets, fruit cup and a dr. pepper!

oohh we bought a HUUGE case of dr pepper the other day ONLY b/c indiana jones was on it, hahahaha. dr pepper is prob my fav drink now. i'm addicted to it. SO GOOD.

and aww i just got in the mood to play mario kart. =( how sad.. i'm at work and can't. boo.

and OHHH! did you guys get dad's day presents yet? i got my dad some horseshoes! nice ones! (like, the game horseshoes) and i saw some $1 ones @ target and i thought about getting those as a joke and wrapping them up and my poor dad will be like, "aww... thanks" lol but then i'll give him the awesome ones. and he'll be excited. yup.

i think jarred and i are gonna see the happening this saturday. i'm excited! it has Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel (she's in my icon! and she's the blonde in the movie Elf. i love her!) so yayyyy!!!

ok the end.
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04 June 2008 @ 02:32 pm
i miss summer =(

summer doesn't even exist anymore w/ a full-time job. it SUCKS.

i've been so close to just quiting my current job and getting a part-time job.  something simple, like... retail. or go back to roly poly (not the conyers one tho).  idk what's wrong with me. i'm just feeling really discouraged i guess. 

part of me feels like i'll never get a new job... because that's just me. my parents own their own business, and that is something i've always figured i'd do.  i've never been able to picture myself working in the corporate world and all that stuff. it's just weird.

if something happens where i lose my current job, i guess the only thing i could do is get a part-time job until i find another full-time one.  i've even been thinking about starting up my own business from home-- freelance design, webmastering, etc. 

what i really need to do is start working on my online portfolio-- i know THAT would help me a TON. then i could easily get freelance jobs and stuff.

blahhhhh idk what to do.

i had 3 interviews a couple weeks ago and i'm still waiting to hear back from one.  i turned one of the jobs down (it was stupid), i didn't get another one (thank god b/c it was stupid too) anddd the only decent one outta the bunch i'm still waiting to hear back from. if i get that job, i'm taking it. it's definitely gonna be a challenge... but the benefits are great and the company looks nice too. plus, it's not directly in downtown atlanta... i kinda like being on the outskirts of atlanta... the traffic isn't as bad and stuff.

other than all that job stuff, things have been goin alright! amanda came to visit for a while and that was funnn!! :o) we went to the world of coke museum-- that was everyone's first time going! we tried everyyy drink, hehe.

ahhhhhhhh i wanna go on vacationnnn. everyone around me is outta school and goin on trips and enjoyin the time off and stuff. i'm hoping that in a few weeks jarred and i can go to orange beach... maybe take an extra long weekend or something. i really, really hope so.

lol this is sorta all over the place and random, o well. oh YEAH! i saw the sex and the city movie last weekend with some friends-- it was SOOO GOOD. i loved it. =) i can't wait until it comes out on dvd!

and ahh there are 4 parties going on this weekend. crazy. one on friday, 2 saturday, 1 sunday. i guess we miiiight go to one of them. not really in the party mood... jarred and i kinda wanna take it easy right now. but then next friday (13th) i think we're throwin a party @ our house, lol. whatever! i'm sure i'll invite my friends and they won't come, so i don't really care about the party either... just means that i gotta throw in like $20 for a keg that i won't even drink. and THEN help pay for the mixed drink we make. o well.

sorry for the crappy mood =( i just wanna go on vacation!
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i dont think i've updated in a while?

nothin much has changed i guess!

we had reallyyyy scary/bad tornado warnings on saturday =\ i was SO scared. i was actually shaking. the sound of the "tornado warning" sirens wailing throughout our streets was something i really didnt wanna hear all night long =( i barely got any sleep, and before we knew it it was time to get up and meet my parents at the colonnade for mother's day lunch!

mother's day was good :) i sent my mommy pretty flowers on friday while she was working and that was a BIG surprise to her. she loved it. yesterday jarred and i met up with my parents, grandma and his mom @ the colonnade restaurant.  after a yr and a half now, my parents finally met his mom! =) who knows when they'll meet his dad since he lives in alabama. =( but anyway, it was nice. we were worried haha b/c my parents can be CRAZY but they behaved so it was all good :)

when we said our goodbyes, jarred and i headed up to lenox mall to walk around and go to the apple store.  he's savin up to buy logic studio so he can start recording his album! we have SO much stuff to do... and we have SO much we need to buy =( ughhh and on top of that, both of my laptops have pretty much crashed. my old old oldd toshiba got horrible viruses on it so i had it restored, which was ok b/c there wasn't anything on it really. just used it for surfing the net and whatever.  my gooooood laptop (well, it's like almost 3 yrs old prob) w/ EVERYTHING on it, won't start up anymore =( i'm pretty sure it's b/c of a software update (b/c i restarted it after updating and it wouldn't work after that), sooooo hopefully the guy i gave it to can fix it.  i'm pretty good at saving all my stuff on CDs, but there's prob 2-3 week's worth of stuff on there that i didn't save (pictures), sooo that kinda sucks. i don't really delete things off my camera tho until i save em to CD, but ehh i might have deleted some =\ so here's hopin' i can get some of my info off that computer in case it crashes completely. i miss my good computers =(
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28 April 2008 @ 11:13 am
my new babies, hehe:

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