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29 July 2008 @ 02:11 pm
trying to find a career path + grammar girl  
you know what i really like doing?

setting up displays at work.  i'm in charge of the hallway display at my work, and ppl always tell me how much they like them.  i actually put a lil time and effort in them, and i love picking out the projects and setting them up and everything! i know it sounds REALLY simple, but before i did it the display looked really simple... there would only be about 3 projects on each shelf, and they were just THERE, like it had no character or anything.  i like to add other props like magazines and pencils or pens just to make things look more real... i dunno. hehe.

i think i'd actually LOVE to have a job in visual merchandising (if that's the correct title!).  i saw a job opening at the american girl store/office/bistro or whatever it was @ one of our malls for a visual merchandiser. it was part-time, and you'd have to work weekends, so blah.  it sounded like something i'd really enjoy, but i really don't want to work on weekends. as much as i hate mon-fri 9-5's, that's what i want, haha.  but doing visual merchandising would utilize my creativity skills and it'd mean that i wouldn't be at a desk all the time and i'd always be up and moving and creating things.

i went downstairs here at my work the other day to take some projects to the prop room and saw a lot of ppl working on the tradeshow booths... it was so cool.  they were blasting music, painting, setting up projects, figuring out how everything should look, blah blah blah.  that's exactly what i want to do.  or i at least would like to learn more about it.  i know it's a lot more than just "making things look pretty."  anyway, on that job description @ american girl it said they wanted someone with like an art degree or something? i can't remember.  i guess since i don't have that i'd just have to start doing displays or booths here at work and take pictures of them and put them in my portfolio.  the people who do them here are really good... we have really nice display cases and rooms everywhere to show off our products.

k enough babbling...

for all of you grammar junkies, check out this web sitehttp://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/  --- i've been reading it here and there @ work, haha.  i love learning more about that stuff!

and last but not least, my beloved hallway display at work right now:

i know it's really crappy and blurry, but i took it with my phone.  i'd do more close-ups but i didn't want ppl seeing me LOL so maybe i'll do it later when everyone's leaving for the day. then i'll post em!

it prob looks really cluttered, but i promise it's really cute in person and everyone likes it! :) hehe. i wish i had pics of some of my other ones i've done in the past =( o well.
i fall without my wingsmandidxoxo on July 29th, 2008 11:28 pm (UTC)
Awww that display is cute! That must make you feel really good that everyone likes 'em!I love doing stuff like that too :) and I would LOVEEEEEE to work for American Girl. That sucks it's on weekends too, but man what an AWESOME job! Hopefully you can at least find something similar? That's good you're getting a better feel for more of what you really wanna do
i'll take the chivas_insteadchivas_instead on July 31st, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
thanks!! we should be a "display" team! LOL. we'll take over american girl ;P

i used to get those american girl magazines when i was little hahaha. it seems like all of a sudden AG is getting HUGE. back then it didn't seem like a big deal. hahaha i still have some of their old magazines, aww. but i wasn't much of a girly-girl so i thought all the doll stuff was crap, LOL.
~*christina.nicole*~christina713 on July 30th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
aw, that IS really cute! when i interviewed with a magazine a loooong time ago, one of the job descriptions in the job i applied for was setting up sets for magazine pages (i think that'd be really cool!). i know theres also jobs out there like setting up sets for the ad inserts that go in the sunday papers & stuff. very cool, but prob not full time!

the grammar site looks really cool... im gonna have to bookmark that & check it out later! :)
i'll take the chivas_insteadchivas_instead on July 31st, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC)
thanks! and yea, that kinda job would be fun =)

i think you'll like that web site!! i was reading it for like hours the other day, haha, idk why but it's fun! they showed the creator of the site on oprah the other day and she did a lil "grammar lesson" and told us to go to her page. so i did, and i like it :)