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16 July 2008 @ 01:42 pm
uh i need some hed say uh i need some hed, ha haaa  
hed pe was really good last night!! made me miss goin to shows all the time...

there's ALWAYS some dumbass at every concert tho... a huuuge clumsy guy who just likes to jump around and bump into everyone. UGH. after the first 2 bands we went to the merch area and jarred got a shirt. the 3rd band was sooooooo chill... kinda put us to sleep... which isn't a good thing to do right before *the* band comes out to play. it didn't really pump anyone up for hed pe... you know? the first band "potluck" was actually cool. hed pe was the best tho!

i thought there would be WAY more ppl there tho... i was kinda shocked. there were still lotsa ppl, but it wasn't scary crowded lol. i could see what was happening in front and behind me... i've been to worse shows.  jarred was like, "be careful.. you never know what's gonna happen..." so i was expecting CRAZYNESS. he said it was a lot different tho.. and he agreed that it was stupid for that laid-back band to come out right before hed pe. since most of the ppl there were high anyway, they prob got tired and went to sleep somewhere LOL. man they were all goin NUTS for the first two shows.  but that's not to take anything away from hed pe... ppl were still loud and crazy and jumpin and pushin each other around... and actually more ppl showed up for them at the end of the night and stuff. so that was good.

i'm glad i got to see them live! they're a lotta fun... and funny/goofy. and great. the lead singer's screams are awesome. and now their newer music has a message and stuff... a political one.  a lot of it is about 9/11 and how it was an inside job and all of that. idk, they're cool. you should check em out =)

looking back i wish we DID push up to the front of the crowd. yea, there were ppl crowd surfing and starting mosh pits, but i've definitely survived some crazy concerts in the past... i think i woulda been just fine last night. i feel bad b/c i know jarred prob woulda enjoyed it a million times more if he was right in front of the stage so he could rap/sing all the words with one of his fav artists. he said that one time when he saw them he was right in front of the singer and they were both rappin at each other, hahaha. that woulda been awesome if it happened again.

somethin funny, i think, about concerts is... it seems like that's when all the TALLEST and biggest guys EVER "appear" into the world lol and all the smallest, tiniest and shortest girls appear. it blows my mind.  there were girls there smaller than me... and they're just jumpin around pushin ppl hahaha. and man there were some huge guys there. i just think it's weird lol b/c it's ALWAYS like that at heavy metal/punk rock shows or w/e you wanna classify it as.

so yea, it was fun. :) anddddddd my mom called me yesterday and told me that we can have a free trampoline and outside table and chairs set if we want em. so YAY! one of their customers asked them if they knew anyone who'd want that stuff and my parents knew we would, haha, so yayy we get to pick em up whenever we wanna! and jeremy found a hot tub online and is tryin to get that for free... so that'd be pretty cool, haha. yay for free stuff =)
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eddie595 on July 18th, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
Yay for beer! O' and free stuff! :-)