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22 September 2008 @ 11:15 am
sad to see the weekend leave...  
the weekend was fun and we got lots done!

so we're pretty broke at the moment. i swear every time jarred gets paid at least half of it has to go to some outrageous bill =( or an unexpected purchase like a ticket (he didn't have his address changed on his license... that's actually a pretty ridiculous fine, wtf). ah so anyway, we're trying to eat cheap and stuff, but it's hard! we're also trying to cut back on stuff like buying tv seasons and movies and cds but ughhhh so many good things have been coming out lately (b/c everything always comes out in september it seems like) so we've been splurging. =\

things just kinda suck right now. and getting broken into was icing on the cake. now i have to look into getting another laptop b/c they took all mine and i REALLY need one.  i know i have an imac, but a laptop is soo practical and i wanna junk it up with all my pictures and stuff lol. the mac is more for design/music stuff... i dont wanna put my pics on it and i dont really wanna put my whole itunes collection on it... it's not really meant to be a "personal computer."

well anyway...

we did a lot over the weekend! we finally sprayed the wholeee house inside and out for bugs, yay! the garage was gross... it has/had so many roaches (ahh) and spiders. so nasty.  we have a lot of trees over us and pinestraw everywhere, so that's why we have so many bugs. blah.

so we also tried cleaning the house a lil, but we mainly just worked on the outside... there was so much trash everywhere. ppl always leave their beer bottles on the deck and other places outside, lol it's so ugly. i hate that! we also put up our trampoline!! that took about 15 mins? it was quite a workout haha. it was just 3 of us, we coulda used a 4th person. but mannnn it's up now and we're havin fun!! hehe. it was cute... our neighbors have a trampoline with like the netted walls or whatever around it and those kids were seriously jumping around and screaming ALL DAY. so we finally got ours up and were like, "yeahhh bitchessss we can have fun tooooooooo!" lol. but MAN jarred and i are sooo sore from jumping! it's gonna be a good workout haha. and i did back flips and backhand springs for the first time since... senior yr in HS?? crazy. there's no way it's been 6 years!!! but yea, it was like riding a bike! scary tho. hehe.

aaannnd let's see.. last thursday was the usual family night, and we went home and watched the all new always sunnyyyy :o) that show is hilarious. omg.

friday we went to the decatur HS football game!! hahaha. it was PACKED. it's like a 5 min walk from our house. it was cool tho... the weather was perfect. unfortunately, DHS sucks, lmao, and their band sucks. buttttt it's still early in the season so who knows. so we got our cheap hot dog dinner and sat and watched the game! funn. oh and we had drank some booze before we got there, and jarred was pretty tipsy. jerm and i were pretty much sober. so then we went home and drank more and jarred got soooo drunk, hahaha. at like 11:55pm jarred and i got this crazy craving for hot dogs (we wanted moreeee) and ran to kroger, we only had 5 mins before they closed! they even turned the lights out on us! so we got some crap and went home and fired up our lil fire pit! the hot doggies were soooooooo good. yum.

let's seee... on saturday we did all that work on the house and stuff. haha and jarred and i wanted to wash our cars (they needed it BAD) so we went to target and spent $30 on crap to do it. well...on the way back home we see some kids doing a carwash fundraiser for $5 a car. WHY DIDNT WE SEE THAT BEFORE. that's what we always wanna do, but i swear we never see kids doing that anymore. apparently they had been there all day... dunno how we missed them...they're pretty close to our house. so we seriously went home and got jarred's truck and took separate cars to the carwash kids and just did that.

so we took all that carwash stuff back yesterday and got all that $$ back and went to chili's just to blow it all, lol. i usually HATE chili's, but it's SOOOO good now!!! i had mashed potatoes and gravy, country fried chicken tenders, corn on the cob and we shared some chips and salsa! jarred got ribs, veggies, and potatoes. we were stuffed, and have a LOT of leftovers for lunch today, yay! :) i love it when dinners = lunch the next day, hehe.

sooo yea, we had a nice weekend @ the house. the weather has been PERFECT lately too. i'm so happy! fall is amazing. today's actually the first day of fall. oh and this sunday jarred and i will be sharing our 1 yr and 11 months... crazyyyy! :o)

well anyway, i gotta get back to work... and i'm actually gonna be applying for this job in virgina highlands for some organics association?? it's a marketing coordinator position. i can't remember what it's all about. but it sounds like a good job, plus it's so much closer to home. it'll do for now anyway, b/c i really wanna open a business. i can't take it anymore! lol.