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17 September 2008 @ 01:14 pm
hi ho, hi ho, off to work i go...  
halloween is on a friday this year! yay! pretty sure we're gonna have a party, so gotta figure out when to do that... i'm sure actual halloween day isn't a good day to pick b/c we'd be competing w/ a million other ppl lol.

for a while i've been saying that i'm gonna be hannah montana LOL and jarred's gonna be my biggest fan (decked out in hannah gear). but idk! i really want jarred to be "bad santa" (movie) b/c he'd be perfect at it... hehe. i've always wanted to be a "white trash" bride, but i ALWAYS wait til the last minute EVERY YEAR. i already see halloween stores open, so maybe i'll get on the ball and actually do things early for a change!

hhmmm... oh! we got paid for being extras, finally! i got $71, yay! for some reason i got paid a lil more than everyone else... lol. no clue. maybe they felt sorry for me since i pretty much got sun poisoning lol.

aw man, how about this weather??? it's SO cool outside, i LOVE it. i'm so excited for fall. october is my favorite month EVER and fall is the BEST so i'm so excited about this time of year. hard to believe that before we know it it'll be halloween, thanksgiving, then christmas. ALREADY!

decatur high school, the high school walking distance from us pretty much, is having their first game this friday. we're thinking about getting drunk and going over there to cheer and eat cheap hotdogs, haha! i'm pretty excited. that would be really cool if they were awesome. i just like the whole football atmosphere... the band, cheering, food... man, remember going to HS football games while you were in HS? i loved that feeling. and the weather... idk, there's just something about football season that i love.

ah anyway...

so jarred and i are pretty sure we're gonna open our own business lol. i've always always wanted to (it's in my blood! lol) and honestly i cannot see myself out in the corporate world. is that weird?? i've never been able to see myself as one of those ppl. i see myself having a business. just like my parents. it's HARD work. harder than working for an actual company and it actually becomes your LIFE for probably about 5 years until it gets "settled" but still... my parents are so sick of having a business lol b/c they feel so tied down to it. i think they're trying to sell it...

so we've been seeing some places for lease in downtown decatur, which is PERFECT for us. location is great. there's this one building that has another building right next door for lease and we want jeremy to put his bar there, lol, but jerm said that it's gonna be a couple more yrs til all that happens. :( booooo.

anyway, what's next is just doing a ton of research. thankfully, i have my parents to help w/ all the fine details since they've done this for many many years. :o)

alright, guess i better finish my lunch and get back to work!