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10 September 2008 @ 01:40 pm
is it thursday yet?  
i'm not too sure if i've written a real update in a bit, but here goes...

still haven't gotten paid for the movie extra gig, lol. hopefully soon...? we could REALLY use the money.

gotta new phone! my "new every two" finally came up! i cant believe it was 2 yrs ago when i got my white chocolate phone... i was still in the old apartment. wow. i remember everyone always thought it was an ipod, lol. anyway, several months ago someone spilled beer on it so BOOM there it went and ashley thankfully let me borrow her old phone (which was really cool) til my update came along :)

i got the LG enV. it's pretty! i got spoiled on the "qwerty keypad" on ashley's phone, so i had to stick with it this time around. i really really like it tho. and on the outside it just looks like a normal phone so jarred can text the "old fashioned way" still if he needs to use my phone, hehe. :o)

in other news... our house got broken into several weeks ago.  stole 2 of my laptops, my $$$ drawing pad for my mac, and almost stole my camera but forgot it on top of the fridge--i guess while they were diggin around lookin for food and booze they sat my camera up there and left it, thank god. they stole my bottle of rum, but it prob only had like 4-5 drinks left in it, and they stole our new bottle of vodka and who knows what else.

they also stole my roommate's nice tv, laptop and camera. =( they tore up 2 of the bedrooms.  the upstairs backdoor was left wide open when they left and they busted out one of the downstairs windows. jarred and i both got home at the same time that day and found it all... luckily lil loner cat was just sitting at the door waiting for us to come in. we were so scared that she got out! it's also a good thing that ashley's doggy wasn't home that day--her dad took him so he could dogsit for a few days for fun.

but anyway... the investigator was really nice and is doing a lot to help us out, so hopefully something will turn up soon.

over labor day weekend jarred and i went with his mommy to panama city beach florida to camp out for a couple of days... yeah, i dont recommend doing that! lol. it was SO HOT. we never even stayed in the tent =\ we got there late friday night and stayed at a hotel. saturday we checked out and went to walmart for camping supplies. we set up our tent and allllll that stuff and then went to the beach. jarred's mom went fishing. jarred and i huddled under the umbrella wearing shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses, and hats to make sure we didn't get burned LOL, but ahhhhhhhhhh it was SOO HOTTT. i mean duh i know the beach is hot, but i've NEVER been to the beach when it's THAT hot before. it was insane.  anyway, all of a sudden it started raining... and it was FREEZING rain. so it pretty much flooded lol and by the time we made it back to the tent it was soaking wet, blah blah and all our crap we left out was wet. soooo we packed up what we could and went out to look for a hotel for the night lol.  so once we got all of that settled we just made sandwiches at the hotel and jarred's mom went to bed. jarred and i did at LEAST get to walk on the beach at night... for a longggggg time, so that was nice. the next day we just checked out, walked on the beach, and went home. lol. the trip was kinda a bust, but o well. jarred and i are prob gonna try and go back to the beach in november when it's cooler and not so crowded :) there were so many things we wanted to do but couldn't!

other than all of that, things are alright i guess! new seasons are starting up for our fav shows, fall is just around the corner, and we still have our family nights :o)   ---oh, and mine and jarred's 2 yr anniversary is october 28th, can you believe that? soon!!!----
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