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19 August 2008 @ 11:41 am
i'm a lobster ;(  
so i got the sunburn from HELL on sunday. we were out for 10 hours being extras for van wilder 3. it was cool, and they fed us snacks and dinner, but it was SO TIRING. i don't even know if i want to do that again.  well, i would, if it's indoors next time. i got so sunburned that i didn't go into work monday b/c i was sick. =( it STILL hurts sooo bad. ;(

but yeah, i think we got in a bunch of scenes! all my roomies minus 1 got to be in the movie, so that's cool. :o) now we just gotta wait a year or so before it actually comes out.  i can't BELIEVE how many takes a scene has... wow. we would do the SAME scene over and over and over. it was definitely an experience! and i think i saw kristin cavallari, but i'm not sure! she's supposed to be the main girl or something. i saw the lead guy and this lil blonde girl with her hair up and dressed in sweats walking into a building with him... but their backs were facing me so i couldn't tell. probably her though!

so we made a whopping $7.50/hr for that, haha, which is good because now i desperately need the money. :o( this week is jarred's bday and bday party and so far i've spent SOO much money. there's more i want to buy him, but idk if i can afford it! haha. not only that but we have to all chip in for booze for the party... and so far we're spending the big bucks. ugh.

but anyway...

so i got my hair cut on friday (can't really tell--but *i* definitely can!) and love my new hair salon! <3  umm we just did the usual over the weekend... goin to bars, blah blah. on saturday i got to see my friend who i haven't seen in like 2 yrs! that was cool :o) we ate at some crappy mexican place (haha, we had to meet halfway and didn't know the area) and went to some random mini golf place. it was so much fun tho!! =)

so yesterday i felt like crap and took the day off, and then i had a job interview @ emory for a web site editor position. i REALLY HOPE i get the job.  emory is so close to my house... well, with bad morning traffic it still might be 30 mins, i really don't know. but it's super-close... i'll hafta find some sorta back way to go or something.  but yea, i think the interview went really well!! can't wait to hear back... but i hafta wait like 2 weeks b/c the guy who's hiring is going out of town for like a week and a half, OF COURSE.  the only drawback to the job tho is that it's PART-TIME. ugh! i didn't realize it was when i applied. when they called me back i was just in shock that they did (b/c i've been applying to emory forever) and checked out the job description again and found out how many hrs a week i'd be working... it sucks.  so i'm not really sure if i'll be able to get benefits?? i hope that i can at least after 3-6 months or whatever. =\

they asked me if i had any plans for taking on another part-time job and i told them that i could at least get my freelance gig off the ground. i've been wanting to make a web site for a while now with all my work samples and stuff, but i just haven't been able to.  then MAYBE i can start doing some freelance stuff. i'll just have to buckle down and do it.

on top of all that crap, my hrs just got cut back here at work. SUPER! and here i was planning on working like extra extra hrs in case i got the new part-time job so i'd at least have some extra cash.  now i'm really gonna be hurting for money. =( this sucks. i'm thinking that maybe i could somehow do both of these jobs at the same time tho...? i'd really hafta figure out a good schedule... b/c it'd be hard. that's a lotta driving around and rushing. :o(

jarred and i just need to open our arcade or shoe store ASAP! ha. or jeremy needs to buckle down and finally open his bar so we can all work in it together =P ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we wanna open our own business so bad.  there's this one location in DT decatur that would be good for our shoe store... and i think it has enough room for the pool table! haha. we'd have the best store ever :P

anyway this is getting long.  better get back to work...
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i fall without my wingsmandidxoxo on August 19th, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC)
good luck with the job stuff. that sucks you're still having trouble finding something, ugh!

and that sucks you got a bad sunburn :(. those are the WORST things EVER. But ooh $7.50/hr plus food isn't bad for an extra! That will be coool if you see yourself in a lot of movie scenes! I'm jealooous hehe. Did the lead blonde girl (prob Kristin girl) look really tiny? I've heard she's like thisbig. Well, you did say lil blonde girl, so I guess so! lol. Yay for extra money tho, espec around b-day times!

What bad timing for your hours to be cut at work. You just can't get any luck w/ jobs can you? Hopefully that will turn around real soooon. You've been so patient long enough! Geesh