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i'll take the chivas_instead
22 September 2008 @ 11:15 am
the weekend was fun and we got lots done!

so we're pretty broke at the moment. i swear every time jarred gets paid at least half of it has to go to some outrageous bill =( or an unexpected purchase like a ticket (he didn't have his address changed on his license... that's actually a pretty ridiculous fine, wtf). ah so anyway, we're trying to eat cheap and stuff, but it's hard! we're also trying to cut back on stuff like buying tv seasons and movies and cds but ughhhh so many good things have been coming out lately (b/c everything always comes out in september it seems like) so we've been splurging. =\

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i'll take the chivas_instead
17 September 2008 @ 01:14 pm
halloween is on a friday this year! yay! pretty sure we're gonna have a party, so gotta figure out when to do that... i'm sure actual halloween day isn't a good day to pick b/c we'd be competing w/ a million other ppl lol.

for a while i've been saying that i'm gonna be hannah montana LOL and jarred's gonna be my biggest fan (decked out in hannah gear). but idk! i really want jarred to be "bad santa" (movie) b/c he'd be perfect at it... hehe. i've always wanted to be a "white trash" bride, but i ALWAYS wait til the last minute EVERY YEAR. i already see halloween stores open, so maybe i'll get on the ball and actually do things early for a change!

hhmmm... oh! we got paid for being extras, finally! i got $71, yay! for some reason i got paid a lil more than everyone else... lol. no clue. maybe they felt sorry for me since i pretty much got sun poisoning lol.

aw man, how about this weather??? it's SO cool outside, i LOVE it. i'm so excited for fall. october is my favorite month EVER and fall is the BEST so i'm so excited about this time of year. hard to believe that before we know it it'll be halloween, thanksgiving, then christmas. ALREADY!

decatur high school, the high school walking distance from us pretty much, is having their first game this friday. we're thinking about getting drunk and going over there to cheer and eat cheap hotdogs, haha! i'm pretty excited. that would be really cool if they were awesome. i just like the whole football atmosphere... the band, cheering, food... man, remember going to HS football games while you were in HS? i loved that feeling. and the weather... idk, there's just something about football season that i love.

ah anyway...

so jarred and i are pretty sure we're gonna open our own business lol. i've always always wanted to (it's in my blood! lol) and honestly i cannot see myself out in the corporate world. is that weird?? i've never been able to see myself as one of those ppl. i see myself having a business. just like my parents. it's HARD work. harder than working for an actual company and it actually becomes your LIFE for probably about 5 years until it gets "settled" but still... my parents are so sick of having a business lol b/c they feel so tied down to it. i think they're trying to sell it...

so we've been seeing some places for lease in downtown decatur, which is PERFECT for us. location is great. there's this one building that has another building right next door for lease and we want jeremy to put his bar there, lol, but jerm said that it's gonna be a couple more yrs til all that happens. :( booooo.

anyway, what's next is just doing a ton of research. thankfully, i have my parents to help w/ all the fine details since they've done this for many many years. :o)

alright, guess i better finish my lunch and get back to work!
i'll take the chivas_instead
**sorry if this offends anyone, i'm just venting**

i am SO sick of hearing about how "great" sarah palin is. please.

seriously, what is so great about mccain/palin? @ first i thought obama had it in the bag, but now i really do think that mccain/palin is gonna win.

i am just in complete shock over how much attention they've been getting and how many SUPPORTERS have just come out of nowhere. at first it was ALL about obama, now it's all about mccain (but mostly palin, i think). i think for the most part ppl still hate mccain's guts, but now that lil ol' hockey lady has shown up, who is a LOT more likeable, ppl are OK with mccain. ugh. things will be SO much more worse if he's in office. seriously.

what i wanna know is why ppl want to continue the war? if mccain's in office, we're going to be at war for MANY more years... he has said that. and i will NOT be surprised if there's a draft. it just drives me nuts that ppl are all like "blah blah blah bring home the troops! stop this endless war!!!" and now everyone is all "GO MCCAIN!!! OMG!!! WAR!!!!"

i know i know i knowwwww.... ppl dont want to bring the troops home right away b/c they're "scared" that if we do then we'll get attacked INSTANTLY. so let's just "KILL 'EM ALL!" but c'mon ppl. what were we thinking in the first place... we're not gonna get rid of everything/everyone, and we're just making more ppl mad... so even if we do keep going and going and going w/ the war, we're still a target. lol i think we're an even bigger target now. we're being assholes. and let's not get into a 9/11 debate... that's a whole 'nother entry and jarred is best at explaining that (and everything) so maybe i'll let him write something, haha.

anyway, i'm sticking with the constitution party and i'm voting chuck baldwin. i know there's no chance in hell, but i agree with him the most and i want to show my support.  i wish ron paul was still on the ticket, but baldwin is a great 2nd pick. i also do not believe in voting for the "lesser of 2 evils," so that's just ONE of the reasons i'm not voting for obama. 

either way, this country is just goin to hell, haha. 2012 is lookin scarier and scarier...

by the way, mccain isn't pro-life like he says he is, if that's one of your reasons for voting for him. he'll say, "yes, i'm pro-life, but i respect ppl's choices and what they do." --- that's pro-choice. i understand what he's saying, but when you say it like that it means that even tho he does not LIKE abortion, he thinks it's ok for ppl to make their own decisions on what to do w/ their own body.

all i gotta say is i hope to god mccain doesn't win. good lord...
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10 September 2008 @ 01:40 pm
i'm not too sure if i've written a real update in a bit, but here goes...

still haven't gotten paid for the movie extra gig, lol. hopefully soon...? we could REALLY use the money.

gotta new phone! my "new every two" finally came up! i cant believe it was 2 yrs ago when i got my white chocolate phone... i was still in the old apartment. wow. i remember everyone always thought it was an ipod, lol. anyway, several months ago someone spilled beer on it so BOOM there it went and ashley thankfully let me borrow her old phone (which was really cool) til my update came along :)

i got the LG enV. it's pretty! i got spoiled on the "qwerty keypad" on ashley's phone, so i had to stick with it this time around. i really really like it tho. and on the outside it just looks like a normal phone so jarred can text the "old fashioned way" still if he needs to use my phone, hehe. :o)

in other news... our house got broken into several weeks ago.  stole 2 of my laptops, my $$$ drawing pad for my mac, and almost stole my camera but forgot it on top of the fridge--i guess while they were diggin around lookin for food and booze they sat my camera up there and left it, thank god. they stole my bottle of rum, but it prob only had like 4-5 drinks left in it, and they stole our new bottle of vodka and who knows what else.

they also stole my roommate's nice tv, laptop and camera. =( they tore up 2 of the bedrooms.  the upstairs backdoor was left wide open when they left and they busted out one of the downstairs windows. jarred and i both got home at the same time that day and found it all... luckily lil loner cat was just sitting at the door waiting for us to come in. we were so scared that she got out! it's also a good thing that ashley's doggy wasn't home that day--her dad took him so he could dogsit for a few days for fun.

but anyway... the investigator was really nice and is doing a lot to help us out, so hopefully something will turn up soon.

over labor day weekend jarred and i went with his mommy to panama city beach florida to camp out for a couple of days... yeah, i dont recommend doing that! lol. it was SO HOT. we never even stayed in the tent =\ we got there late friday night and stayed at a hotel. saturday we checked out and went to walmart for camping supplies. we set up our tent and allllll that stuff and then went to the beach. jarred's mom went fishing. jarred and i huddled under the umbrella wearing shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses, and hats to make sure we didn't get burned LOL, but ahhhhhhhhhh it was SOO HOTTT. i mean duh i know the beach is hot, but i've NEVER been to the beach when it's THAT hot before. it was insane.  anyway, all of a sudden it started raining... and it was FREEZING rain. so it pretty much flooded lol and by the time we made it back to the tent it was soaking wet, blah blah and all our crap we left out was wet. soooo we packed up what we could and went out to look for a hotel for the night lol.  so once we got all of that settled we just made sandwiches at the hotel and jarred's mom went to bed. jarred and i did at LEAST get to walk on the beach at night... for a longggggg time, so that was nice. the next day we just checked out, walked on the beach, and went home. lol. the trip was kinda a bust, but o well. jarred and i are prob gonna try and go back to the beach in november when it's cooler and not so crowded :) there were so many things we wanted to do but couldn't!

other than all of that, things are alright i guess! new seasons are starting up for our fav shows, fall is just around the corner, and we still have our family nights :o)   ---oh, and mine and jarred's 2 yr anniversary is october 28th, can you believe that? soon!!!----
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i'll take the chivas_instead
09 September 2008 @ 01:17 pm
This was hard, amanda (mandidxoxo )! but i'm glad you gave me a hard one... had me thinking!

10 of my favorite things that start with a W:

((i love to drink it, swim in it, play in it, be around it [lakes, ocean, rivers, streams], etc.))

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& if anyone wants to do it, comment & i'll give you a letter! :)
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i'll take the chivas_instead
19 August 2008 @ 11:41 am
so i got the sunburn from HELL on sunday. we were out for 10 hours being extras for van wilder 3. it was cool, and they fed us snacks and dinner, but it was SO TIRING. i don't even know if i want to do that again.  well, i would, if it's indoors next time. i got so sunburned that i didn't go into work monday b/c i was sick. =( it STILL hurts sooo bad. ;(

but yeah, i think we got in a bunch of scenes! all my roomies minus 1 got to be in the movie, so that's cool. :o) now we just gotta wait a year or so before it actually comes out.  i can't BELIEVE how many takes a scene has... wow. we would do the SAME scene over and over and over. it was definitely an experience! and i think i saw kristin cavallari, but i'm not sure! she's supposed to be the main girl or something. i saw the lead guy and this lil blonde girl with her hair up and dressed in sweats walking into a building with him... but their backs were facing me so i couldn't tell. probably her though!

so we made a whopping $7.50/hr for that, haha, which is good because now i desperately need the money. :o( this week is jarred's bday and bday party and so far i've spent SOO much money. there's more i want to buy him, but idk if i can afford it! haha. not only that but we have to all chip in for booze for the party... and so far we're spending the big bucks. ugh.

but anyway...

so i got my hair cut on friday (can't really tell--but *i* definitely can!) and love my new hair salon! <3  umm we just did the usual over the weekend... goin to bars, blah blah. on saturday i got to see my friend who i haven't seen in like 2 yrs! that was cool :o) we ate at some crappy mexican place (haha, we had to meet halfway and didn't know the area) and went to some random mini golf place. it was so much fun tho!! =)

so yesterday i felt like crap and took the day off, and then i had a job interview @ emory for a web site editor position. i REALLY HOPE i get the job.  emory is so close to my house... well, with bad morning traffic it still might be 30 mins, i really don't know. but it's super-close... i'll hafta find some sorta back way to go or something.  but yea, i think the interview went really well!! can't wait to hear back... but i hafta wait like 2 weeks b/c the guy who's hiring is going out of town for like a week and a half, OF COURSE.  the only drawback to the job tho is that it's PART-TIME. ugh! i didn't realize it was when i applied. when they called me back i was just in shock that they did (b/c i've been applying to emory forever) and checked out the job description again and found out how many hrs a week i'd be working... it sucks.  so i'm not really sure if i'll be able to get benefits?? i hope that i can at least after 3-6 months or whatever. =\

they asked me if i had any plans for taking on another part-time job and i told them that i could at least get my freelance gig off the ground. i've been wanting to make a web site for a while now with all my work samples and stuff, but i just haven't been able to.  then MAYBE i can start doing some freelance stuff. i'll just have to buckle down and do it.

on top of all that crap, my hrs just got cut back here at work. SUPER! and here i was planning on working like extra extra hrs in case i got the new part-time job so i'd at least have some extra cash.  now i'm really gonna be hurting for money. =( this sucks. i'm thinking that maybe i could somehow do both of these jobs at the same time tho...? i'd really hafta figure out a good schedule... b/c it'd be hard. that's a lotta driving around and rushing. :o(

jarred and i just need to open our arcade or shoe store ASAP! ha. or jeremy needs to buckle down and finally open his bar so we can all work in it together =P ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we wanna open our own business so bad.  there's this one location in DT decatur that would be good for our shoe store... and i think it has enough room for the pool table! haha. we'd have the best store ever :P

anyway this is getting long.  better get back to work...
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11 August 2008 @ 03:15 pm
ummm lol, van wilder 3 is being filmed right across the street from our house @ a historic college in decatur. they've used that college for other movies in the past, like scream 2.

so, i found out that they're in need of extras and yup, jarred and i are definitely gonna submit our pictures and info to get in as an extra!! haha. that'd be so much fun! =) i'm hoping my roomies will wanna do it too. i know they will... i just haven't heard back from them yet.  that'd be soooo much fun! yay! =)

i know it's a really sucky movie, but still, it's cool :o)
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you know what i really like doing?

setting up displays at work.  i'm in charge of the hallway display at my work, and ppl always tell me how much they like them.  i actually put a lil time and effort in them, and i love picking out the projects and setting them up and everything! i know it sounds REALLY simple, but before i did it the display looked really simple... there would only be about 3 projects on each shelf, and they were just THERE, like it had no character or anything.  i like to add other props like magazines and pencils or pens just to make things look more real... i dunno. hehe.

i think i'd actually LOVE to have a job in visual merchandising (if that's the correct title!).  i saw a job opening at the american girl store/office/bistro or whatever it was @ one of our malls for a visual merchandiser. it was part-time, and you'd have to work weekends, so blah.  it sounded like something i'd really enjoy, but i really don't want to work on weekends. as much as i hate mon-fri 9-5's, that's what i want, haha.  but doing visual merchandising would utilize my creativity skills and it'd mean that i wouldn't be at a desk all the time and i'd always be up and moving and creating things.

i went downstairs here at my work the other day to take some projects to the prop room and saw a lot of ppl working on the tradeshow booths... it was so cool.  they were blasting music, painting, setting up projects, figuring out how everything should look, blah blah blah.  that's exactly what i want to do.  or i at least would like to learn more about it.  i know it's a lot more than just "making things look pretty."  anyway, on that job description @ american girl it said they wanted someone with like an art degree or something? i can't remember.  i guess since i don't have that i'd just have to start doing displays or booths here at work and take pictures of them and put them in my portfolio.  the people who do them here are really good... we have really nice display cases and rooms everywhere to show off our products.

k enough babbling...

for all of you grammar junkies, check out this web sitehttp://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/  --- i've been reading it here and there @ work, haha.  i love learning more about that stuff!

and last but not least, my beloved hallway display at work right now:

i know it's really crappy and blurry, but i took it with my phone.  i'd do more close-ups but i didn't want ppl seeing me LOL so maybe i'll do it later when everyone's leaving for the day. then i'll post em!

it prob looks really cluttered, but i promise it's really cute in person and everyone likes it! :) hehe. i wish i had pics of some of my other ones i've done in the past =( o well.
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22 July 2008 @ 03:24 pm

Ohhh myy. The weekend was CRAZY.

Thursday was SOSOSO much fun. =) Saturday was just… crazy.  We ended up goin to los loros AGAIN to get the night started haha and went to kt’s house later that night for her party.  The ppl there were bein SO lame.  They were bein so rude and would ignore us and stuff, lol. We weren’t even doin anything—we were tryyying to be friendly and nice.  O well. So Ashley and her friend laura did the slip n slide and stuff and we stayed for a lil bit then left.  On the way to KT’s we got pulled over =\ we were freakin out. Jarred was driving and the guy just said we were speeding and gave us a warning.  Mostly the warning was just about jarred getting his address changed on his license, which he has to do before his bday anyway, so phew.  But yea, we left kt’s and all of us went to east Atlanta.  We hung out at the lesbian bar most of the night LOL. (Ashley and her friend laura are gay).  We WERE @ the gay guy bar for a while tryin to do karaoke but apparently we got there a lil too late? Blah.  So we spent like the entire night just dancin’ it up at the lesbian bar, hahaha, it was fun.

But I kinda over did it all weekend soo we spent alllllllll of Sunday in bed =( I felt like CRAP. Such a waste. =(

And yesterday I had to take the day off b/c I had a dentist appt and a doc appt. ugh yesterday was the longest day everrrrrrr. Jarred took it off too to be with me and help and stuff b/c I had so much crap to do. Thank god he was there!  I took my car in to get an oil change and they had to also fix something on my car that was recalled, and they ended up screwin it up even more, so they have to keep my car until wed. =( but they gave me a free rental (Toyota camry, brand new!) and so far I don’t owe any money at all. They said that the work they’re doin is $1100, but I don’t hafta pay anything, hahahaha. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Anyway, this weekend is the BB king concert!! I wanna go SO bad. It’s kinda expensive tho. So idk if we’re goin. =( hopefully we willlll.  Then next wed. is immortal technique, but that’s prob gonna be a lot cheaper.

One of these days we’ll go on vacation. Blah. =(

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hed pe was really good last night!! made me miss goin to shows all the time...

there's ALWAYS some dumbass at every concert tho... a huuuge clumsy guy who just likes to jump around and bump into everyone. UGH. after the first 2 bands we went to the merch area and jarred got a shirt. the 3rd band was sooooooo chill... kinda put us to sleep... which isn't a good thing to do right before *the* band comes out to play. it didn't really pump anyone up for hed pe... you know? the first band "potluck" was actually cool. hed pe was the best tho!

i thought there would be WAY more ppl there tho... i was kinda shocked. there were still lotsa ppl, but it wasn't scary crowded lol. i could see what was happening in front and behind me... i've been to worse shows.  jarred was like, "be careful.. you never know what's gonna happen..." so i was expecting CRAZYNESS. he said it was a lot different tho.. and he agreed that it was stupid for that laid-back band to come out right before hed pe. since most of the ppl there were high anyway, they prob got tired and went to sleep somewhere LOL. man they were all goin NUTS for the first two shows.  but that's not to take anything away from hed pe... ppl were still loud and crazy and jumpin and pushin each other around... and actually more ppl showed up for them at the end of the night and stuff. so that was good.

i'm glad i got to see them live! they're a lotta fun... and funny/goofy. and great. the lead singer's screams are awesome. and now their newer music has a message and stuff... a political one.  a lot of it is about 9/11 and how it was an inside job and all of that. idk, they're cool. you should check em out =)

looking back i wish we DID push up to the front of the crowd. yea, there were ppl crowd surfing and starting mosh pits, but i've definitely survived some crazy concerts in the past... i think i woulda been just fine last night. i feel bad b/c i know jarred prob woulda enjoyed it a million times more if he was right in front of the stage so he could rap/sing all the words with one of his fav artists. he said that one time when he saw them he was right in front of the singer and they were both rappin at each other, hahaha. that woulda been awesome if it happened again.

somethin funny, i think, about concerts is... it seems like that's when all the TALLEST and biggest guys EVER "appear" into the world lol and all the smallest, tiniest and shortest girls appear. it blows my mind.  there were girls there smaller than me... and they're just jumpin around pushin ppl hahaha. and man there were some huge guys there. i just think it's weird lol b/c it's ALWAYS like that at heavy metal/punk rock shows or w/e you wanna classify it as.

so yea, it was fun. :) anddddddd my mom called me yesterday and told me that we can have a free trampoline and outside table and chairs set if we want em. so YAY! one of their customers asked them if they knew anyone who'd want that stuff and my parents knew we would, haha, so yayy we get to pick em up whenever we wanna! and jeremy found a hot tub online and is tryin to get that for free... so that'd be pretty cool, haha. yay for free stuff =)
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